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Written by Pat Craddick

John P. Irwin, President

The mission of POP Fabrics, Inc. (formerly known as Malibu Textile, Inc.) is to source and develop the very best and most updated fashion fabrics for the global apparel industry while maintaining social responsibility in offering the latest technology in sustainable and recyclable textile trends.


Started in 1976 by Albert Fenner and Burt Marans, Malibu Textile was built on a reputation of integrity, loyalty, and service to its employees, clients, and suppliers. “While the times were different back then, the principles remain the same today at POP Fabrics” says Mr. Irwin. 

Traveling the globe as the industry evolved, Mr. Irwin helped take the firm from a fully domestic manufacturing company to a global development firm. 

“With the help of our incredible partners and staff, we learned to evolve and serve clients in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more” says Mr. Irwin. Over the years we’ve diversified our product range and through global partnerships, helped to prepare POP Fabrics for the new standard required by our clients” he enthusiastically added.

Known for its reputation in the industry POP Fabrics has evolved with the times offering high-quality, ethically purchased and responsibly produced textiles. The firm is especially proud of its new sustainable BCI Cotton Laces and Novelty Fabrics

“Corporate social responsibility is vitally important to who we are as a company as we look to support local nonprofits like Custom Collaborative and others in the industry” says Mr. Irwin.


Philanthropy has always been part of Mr. Irwin’s personal mission, volunteering at HopeForce to rebuild homes in Puerto Rico for victims impacted by the hurricane, teaching Sunday school in his small New Jersey town, and giving a hand-up to the less fortunate among us.

“We look forward to fashion coming back post-pandemic and we are here to bring the latest ideas and service to make apparel functional, fashionable, and responsible ” says Mr. Irwin. 

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