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Pop Social Enterprise LLC is a hybrid between non-profit and for-profit operating as a social enterprise that has specific "social" objectives.  Our company generates its revenues from business activities while helping nonprofits achieve their missions.  The company has helped many nonprofits over the years and our work continues in the years ahead to help nonprofits build operating capacity through strategic fundraising marketing/communication, board development, etc., to effectively deliver their programs/services and become fiscally sustainable. 

POP Social Enterprise mission is “impact investing for social good,” which serves to bridge the funding gap for nonprofits.  Our mission is in response to a critical need for unrestricted general operating funding otherwise known as "overhead" to support the day-to-day operations of impact-driven nonprofits.  We seek to work in partnership with for-profit companies, foundations, and government organizations to help nonprofits promote their missions and grow their general operating capacity.  

General operating capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of a nonprofit.  Capacity building projects, such as identifying a fundraising and communications strategy, improving staff recruitment, ensuring thoughtful leadership succession, effective board and governance, updating a nonprofit’s technology, and improving how it measures its outcomes, all build the capacity of a nonprofit to effectively deliver its mission. When general operating capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, thereby enhancing the nonprofit’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Collaborating with companies and organizations, we help nonprofits build their operating capacity through strategic fundraising, marketing/communication (via newsletters, social media, word-of-mouth, and events), and board/committee development to effectively deliver their programs/services and become fiscally sustainable long-term.




  • A for-profit business that earns most of its revenue through earned income

  • It's invested in a social mission

  • The social mission is integrated in its business plan and model

  • It's transparent about its operations and impact

  • It gives away some of its profits to its social purpose

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