POP Social Enterprise, LLC was established to continue the mission of ParentJobNet by working in partnership with private and public companies to strengthen the day-to-day operations of nonprofits that are serving impoverished families and children. 

Our mission is in response to a critical need for unrestricted general operating funding otherwise known as "overhead" to support impact-driven nonprofits.   Experiencing, firsthand, the daunting effects of having little to no general operating funds to sustain and grow the day-to-day operation of ParentJobNet and being forced to lay-off 50+ staff is the catalyst for POP Social Enterprise.   

Many nonprofits share a common funding problem—lack of cash reserves for general operating support.  Industry funding practices such as not funding full costs, requiring all funds to be spent without provision to save, and operating on reimbursements instead of upfront payments, prevent nonprofits from building reserves, making them ill-equipped to serve the most vulnerable among us.  Without general operating support, a nonprofit doesn’t have funds for staff, technology, training, rent, or even electricity.  And, without a strong operating infrastructure, programs that lift families and communities out of poverty simply can’t happen, especially in times of crisis.


The mission of POP Social Enterprise is “impact investing for social good,” which serves to bridge the funding gap through CSR, CRA mandates, and other philanthropic support by working in partnership with private and public organizations to help nonprofits grow their general operating capacity and deliver exemplary services to families and children in need.  

Pop Social Enterprise is a hybrid between non-profit and for-profit, operating as a social enterprise that has specific "social" objectives.   Our company balances activities that provide financial benefits with social missions that support impoverished families and children through economic security, education, and social justice.

Collaborating with companies, we provide funding, fundraising, general operating capacity building, and in-kind support to nonprofits that offer services that align with ParentJobNet™ legacy commitment of:



  • Income Stability:  Prepare and connect low-income families with sustainable jobs and careers.

  • Job Training:  Prepare low-income families for the jobs of tomorrow by providing training, entrepreneurship, and small business support.

  • Financial Literacy:  Increase financial literacy in a digital age.



  • STEM Program:  Provide STEM programming that improves reading and math abilities in children Grades K – 12th.      

  • Adult Education: Provide trade certification, ESL, GED, and other accredited certification. 



  • Equality for All:  Promote economic and social rights by opening the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need.

The challenge faced by many nonprofits to secure general operating funds required to sustain and grow their day-to-day operation is a harsh reality most growing nonprofits face and we are about to change that narrative.   


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New York, NY  10018

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