Pop Social Enterprise collaborates with seasoned nonprofit consultants across specialties to deliver outstanding capacity building services to nonprofits.  We’re committed to working with nonprofits to grow their general operating capacity through our creative and collaborative strategic approach.

Pat Craddick is the President of POP Social Enterprise, LLC, which she founded after a successful career in the nonprofit industry.  A former Executive Director / CEO of a growing nonprofit, Pat experienced the daunting effects of having very limited general operating funds to sustain her growing nonprofit, thus forced to close and lay-off its staff.   As a result, she has created POP Social Enterprise designed to help nonprofits get the critical unrestricted general operating funding they need to develop, sustain, and grow their day-to-day operations.

With a Master's degree in Nonprofit Management and Fundraising, Pat is an accomplished professional with 25+ years experience in nonprofit, philanthropy, and the corporate financial industries.  Leading the programmatic, operational, finance, fundraising, marketing communication, and board development mandates of a growing nonprofit gave Pat a whole new appreciation and a unique perspective of the intricacies of nonprofits.


A social entrepreneur, Pat is passionate about mission driven community work having achieved impactful results with 9 merit awards for nonprofit excellence, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Read more...


What Clients and Colleagues Have to Say...

"Pat is a focused, disciplined manager who gets things done. Her vision is "spot-on" and insightful. She is a pleasure to work with and is doing exceptionally valuable things for the community. Highly recommended."

M. Gould, NYU Professor