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New York Office

ParentJobNet's Legacy

ParentJobNet, Inc., a 501c(3) nonprofit was founded in December 2004 by a New York City public school mother, Pat Craddick, from the Upper West Side (P.S. 87). Within a few years of its establishment, the organization has developed into a transformative school-based community program.  

Initially an internet-based resource connecting parents to job opportunities, ParentJobNet housed its programs in public schools, adopting a one-stop-shop approach. This strategy facilitates resource access, builds community ties, and engages parents as adult learners, empowering them to actively participate in their children’s school lives.

Through a holistic, family-centric approach, ParentJobNet equipped parents with essential skills and resources, including career counseling, resume development, interview coaching, financial planning, computer proficiency training, and networking opportunities. The organization facilitated connections to employment and provided additional support to public school parents.

Key Achievements (2004-2018):

  • Impacted more than 16,000 low-income parents, predominantly single mothers, and earned recognition for exceptional leadership and workforce-driven programs and services.

  • Established numerous strategic partnerships with many corporate businesses and engaged corporate volunteers from diverse industries.

  • Received a total of 16 awards, comprising 9 personal accolades and 7 organizational honors, reflecting the impact of leadership and programs.

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