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Holiday Event

Pat Craddick, Founder/Executive Director, speaks to Elected Officials, Board Members, Staff, and Community Members at at Holiday Event in Harlem, NY. - 2017

Graduation Day at ParentJobNet

ParentJobNet celebrates its 12th anniversary and the graduating class of 2017, while receiving multiple awards for its community impact.

Radio Interview 

Pat Craddick, Founder and Executive Director,  shares an in-depth interview with WHCR - 90.3 FM in Harlem, NY. - 2017


Client's Story

Colette, a single mom, shares her story about the help she received from ParentJobNet.

Friend-Raising Event 
Hosted by Pat Craddick at her home.


NYC Public School-Based Programs
Community-Based N
etworking Events Sponsored by
TD Bank, Starbucks, Chase Bank, Fidelity Investments, and HSBC Bank


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